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A Few More Mass Effect 3 Tidbits Surface

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Written by Jayce Diaz
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Mass Effect 3 is shaping up to become quite a legendary game, if all the leaked and announced information is to be believed. In addition to reintroducing weapon mods and (finally) showing what a futuristic Earth will look like, Bioware is going all out to bring us some fantastic new gameplay mechanics and experiences. Be warned, spoilers are ahead.

If you're brave enough, read on to see what is rumored to happen in Commander Shepard's dramatic finale.

VG247 has the translated version of the original article, which apparently came from a Spanish magazine called "Player". Make of that what you will, but this all seems like things that would make sense to include in the game. You can check out the untranslated article here

  • As previously mentioned, Cerberus will pit its troops against you. Cerberus troops include: Mechs, Assault units, Ninja-like Shock troops, and agents. It will be revealed from the games outset why Cerberus wants you dead.
  • The Reapers will come in different sizes and forms, with some as massive as 25 Kilometers (around 15.5 miles).
  • Shepard can now roll, jump over small gaps, and use a larger arsenal of melee attacks. There is even a "Heavy Melee" class.
  • Classes will gain new abilities. Engineers, for example, can now build turrets.
  • five variants in each section of gun customization. That includes ammo type, scopes, etc.
  • the looting system is expanded and more varied.
  • Space battles are apparently hinted at, though not directly confirmed..
  • The environments are much larger and feel less like expanded corridors. NPCs will walk around, complete activities, and do more than just lean against walls and railings.
  • Enemies take a greater variety of dynamic and location-specific damage. Armor can be destroyed in specific areas.
  • The game's combat is apparently "10 to 15 percent" faster.
  • The Mako and Hammerhead are both MIA for Mass Effect 3. There is apparently a new vehicle for players to use, though Bioware wouldn't comment on the matter.
  • There is a new scanning system.
  • Expect to see London and New York on Earth. Additionally, players will get to explore Mars, a Salarian world, and the moon of either a Quarian or Krogan planet (the article uses the word "Koriana", which could mean one of those two. Since we've been on both Krogan and Quarian worlds already, it could be either one).

If true, this could be big news for fans of the game. Space battles? no hideous Hammerhead missions? I'm game. I just hope they keep the core values that make Mass Effect such an amazing franchise.

Spanish mage reveals new Mass Effect 3 details (VG247)

Avance de Mass Effect 3 en Marca PLAYER (Universo Mass Effect)

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