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Of all the games at E3, I'll admit that Prey 2 was near the very bottom of my expectations list prior to the event. Having nothing to go on but CG trailers and magazine covers that totally felt out of place in comparison to the original Prey, I assumed the latest entry in the series to be more in line with the generic, faceless shooters that get dished out on a monthly basis.

Oh, how wrong and stupid I was to assume that. Not only is Prey 2 absolutely stunning, but it has more to do with the original than you might think, while maintaining a completely unique feel, even from other shooters.

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When the PS Vita was first unveiled back in January this year (under the name NGP), it boasted some impressive features and titles. But many were left wondering if Sony could compete with the Nintendo 3DS. Since then, a lot has changed: the 3DS came to the market with a weak launch, which leaves Sony in a prime spot. At E3, Sony showed they are ready to declare all out war on the 3DS, by aggressively marketing the PS Vita at just $249 for the Wi-Fi only model, and $299 for the WiFi and 3G model.

Now with the current rumor that the titles will retail for $39.99, matching most 3DS titles, it seems likely that there will be no stopping the PS Vita when it launches. That is, of course, if its capabilities really live up to the hype.

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At E3 2010, 2K Marin unveiled it's latest labor of love. Fresh off of Bioshock 2, the team was given the reigns of another beloved, albeit older franchise in the form of XCOM. Fans were... not happy. What they saw amounted to nothing more than a generic first person shooter (the original was an isometric strategy game) based on aliens invading America circa 1962.

So the team went dark, and completely retooled the game mechanics. This year at E3 2011, XCOM is back, and in much, much better form.

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EA's Q&A session for NHL 12 at E3 2011 really got me thinking about the game, and if it'll be more fun than NHL 11. Well, they said it is, and I sure do hope so. Last year's game was a bit stiff and felt kinda like Madden on ice.

They say they're addressing this problem in this year's game.

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Hitman: Absolution is finally on its way! Being a huge fan of the series (especially Blood Money), I have been waiting for this for a long time. Granted, we still only have a cinematic trailer and no gameplay shown. But if this is any indication, Agent 47 is definitely going to be video game history's greatest assassin again.

I can only hope the levels are full of numerous ways to beat them like the last game, and that the game is graphically superior as well. Just give me a fibre wire and sedatives/poisons and I am all set to destroy my targets without making a sound. Enjoy the E3 2011 trailer for Hitman: Absolution!

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Bioshock Infinite is one of those titles that you just know is going to do well, before ever laying eyes on it for yourself. However, after seeing a closed-door presentation at E3, I can tell you this: you absolutely have no idea just how much Bioshock Infinite will blow you away.

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We've known for a while that Horde Mode would be making a return to Gears of War 3. However, Epic Games has remained mum about what enhancements they would bring to the table. This all changed last night, when they announced Horde 2.0 at their Gears E3 Party. Today I was able to sit in on a demonstration of Horde 2.0, lead by Gear of War 3 executive producer Rod Fergusson.

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Gears of War 3 is set to be Microsoft's killer title for this holiday season. As such, Epic is going above and beyond in delivering as much as they can in every mode of the game.

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Finally, in just three short weeks, Mortal Kombat will arrive! It's been almost 15 years since we've had a 2D-style Mortal Kombat game, and I for one cannot wait! We've all played the demo, I played the 16 character PAX demo, and we've all been patiently waiting for April 19th.

So here, I will tell you all we know so far about this game. You'll find out who's in the game, what arenas there are, and some rumored but most likely accurate content. Be warned, there is a huge spoiler alert for this preview. But if you're like me... you want to know anything and everything about this amazing new Mortal Kombat. So choose your destiny, because here is the Mortal Kombat preview!

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Ever since Rockstar games finally lifted the veil on L.A. Noire a few months ago, I have been extremely impressed with the Motion Scan technology behind the facial animations. I, like many, was also left wondering exactly how this game would play. Would it simply be like GTA, but from a Cops perspective? Would it still be open world? Basically, I wanted to know what the game consisted of. Well, PAX East was a perfect opportunity to have all these questions answered.

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