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The upcoming Dead Island game from Deep Solver and Techland turned quite a few heads when the first trailer was released a few months back. The team has a lot to prove now, and the expectations of this game are high, indeed. If this new teaser trailer is anything to go by, though, I'd say they're on the right track. The environments look completely amazing, and it'll be interesting to see how a zombie outbreak unfolds on a resort island.

Watch the new trailer for yourself and start planning your family vacation to Benoi right now!

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(Update) The PSN is officially back online in the United States. PlayStation.Blog has a handy map to let you know the status.

Well it only took 24 days, but it looks like the PlayStation will finally be doing "Online" soon enough. Sony has officially announced through a Riiiiidddggge Racerless Kazuo Hirai video that they will begin restoring service tonight.

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Shortly after the flood of Modern Warfare 3 info that leaked onto the web, Activision officially responded by releasing four "official" teaser trailers. One teaser for each of the major set points in the story; America, England, France, and Germany. My guess is that these countries where chosen solely for their ability to have the e's replaced with a 3. Either way, these teasers are pretty epic and give us a small glimpse of what we can expect in MW3. If a glimpse won't cut it, then check out the massive info leak. Watch the trailers after the break.

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It was no secret that we'd finally get to see Modern Warfare 3 this year. However, thanks to Kotaku, almost nothing regarding MW3 is a secret anymore. Kotaku has received from unnamed sources (which they claim to be credible) a plethora of details and screenshots.

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With the success of the new Mortal Kombat, now would be the perfect time for some sort of re-release of the classic MK games. Well, that's exactly what Warner Brothers is thinking, as late this summer they'll be releasing Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition 1, 2, and 3 on Xbox Live Arcade, Windows PC, and PSN (if it's back up by then), for just $10 (800MS points)!

Don't worry, if you feel like spending $10 for all three original MK games is too little then you can also buy Mortal Kombat Klassic Fight Sticks for $129 (which includes a download code for the games). The limited run fight sticks are made by Performance Designed Products, the same people who made the Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Fight Sticks. So get ready for some sprite on sprite fatalities later this summer!

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With Rockstar Games and Team Bondi's highly anticipated L.A. Noire less then a week away, it can only mean one thing: Launch Trailer! If this doesn't get you even more excited for this detective crime action shooter fun game, then nothing will. See?

This makes me even more excited to jump into the shoes of Cole Phelps, and clean the crime-ridden streets of 1940's L.A. next Tuesday.

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Duke Nukem Forever is a little over a month away (Hard to believe huh?), and to celebrate, here are some hot Duke on Duke multiplayer screenshots. Duke is bringing some toys, jet packs, shrink rays ...mmmm. This is gonna be fun. Oh...It's Duke fighting Duke deathmatch, well that's cool too. Hit the break to take a look.

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This latest Duke Nukem Forever shows us that bigger isn't always better. Sometimes, you have to shrink down for some epic kitchen shelf battles. The shrink ray has always been an important gun in Duke's world and as this trailer shows, it's not going anywhere. Watch it after the break.

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Rockstar Games and Team Bondi have released a Pop-up Edition of trailer #3 for L.A. Noire. The pop-ups give us some insight into the inner workings and meticulous details that have been put into L.A. Noire. Check out the trailer for yourself after the break.

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Rockstar Games' L.A. Noire is a rich, story-driven adventure that sees you interacting and learning about countless characters with their own goals and motivations. It's no wonder, then, that they'd want to branch out to other forms of media to expand more on just who these people are, and what kind of place they lived in.

On June 6, a collection of short stories set in the L.A. Noire universe will release as an anthology titled, L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories. It features some pretty big names in the thriller genre, such as Megan Abbott, Lawrence Block, Joe Lansdale, Joyce Carol Oates, Francine Prose, Jonathan Santlofer, Duane Swierczynski and Andrew Vachss. No announcement was made regarding a physical release, so as of now it seems that the book is digital only. Hit the jump to see the book's cover.

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