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If you've been following gaming recently, you probably noticed that EA's classic SSX has made its proper return. Players get to play as an older Elise, Mac, and Moby ( As well as some new faces) to take down the the young boarder Griff, who's looking for some revenge on the SSX crew for treating him like crap during the events of SSX3 and onward.

The question is this: Should EA expand the SSX universe?

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Kotaku reported September 2nd , 2010 of an easter egg in Wave Race Blue Storm that has just been found. Apparently there is a code that you can put in that will make the pit crew total assholes. Now, for most of you that know me well enough, you know that Wave Race: Blue storm for the Gamecube is one of the most underrated games to me on that console. I have invested so much time playing that game and even I haven’t found this easter egg.


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