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Hello everyone in Glitchy Tasty Land, and happy birthday Pixel Dude! For those of you who don’t know, today is Glitchy Tasty’s Birthday (August 31st), and what a year it has been for the Glitch. One of our writers played pro football (me), one of our creators got a job with a certain company that makes a certain game for a certain company, and Glitchy Tasty went out west to a secret location (in a tiny suburb outside of Walla Walla, Washington. Can’t miss it. Just drive up 405 til you hit Everest. Get on NE 385 st. on to Village. If you end up in Juanita Bay Park you went to far). Oh, other stuff has happened as well. For instance, Jayce and Ryan invaded E3 and had a blast (no earthquake this time).

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Last month, Glitchy Tasty attended Nintendo's official 3DS Preview Event out in New York City. Fun times were had by all, and Nintendo eventually released a montage video of the press gawking at their wonderful new 3D-enabled device.

The video, seen below, mentions the possibility of 3D video recording and features two incredibly awesome dudes at the 1:25 mark.

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Now I know that everyone is excited for the new Sony NGP. I also know everyone has read the article Jayce just posted about the facts about the NGP. Well guess what? I'm going to state the fiction about the Sony NGP.

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Well I thought it was about time for me to show you guys a couple of the games I'm really looking forward to this year. I think for the most part, these games are no surprise when it comes to me. Let's hope 2011 brings around some good stuff and...let's hope Sega starts making some quality titles (even though we all know thats most likely not going to happen).

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You know something? 2011 has too many games coming out. In the first half alone, there are so many: LittleBigPlanet, Two Worlds 2 (lol), and Marvel Versus Capcom 3 are just a few of the titles that will be available come E3.

It was quite a challenge, but I've narrowed my personal must-haves to five games that I know will take up most of my time next year.

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Hey everyone out there in Glitchy Tasty Land! I am in a pissed off mood! Why? Because of the two games that came along with the good games Jayce had managed to put in my luggage.

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Hello everyone in Glitchy Tasty Land. This is your friendly neighborhood Manny, and I have just returned home from my trip to Rhode Island (The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation). I need to warn you guys and girls of a game that is so bad, it is still haunting me even though I am 3,099 miles away from it.

The game? Fur Fighters for the Sega Dreamcast.

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