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Naughty Dog

On Monday, Sony opened up their press conference with what is always a crowd pleaser, Uncharted 3. Naughty Dog's Co-Presidents Even Wells and Christophe Balestra took the stage to show off a new demo of Uncharted 3.

Afterwards, they announced a multiplayer beta launching June 28th, and an exlusive deal though Subway Resturaunts to gain early acces to the full multiplayer component of the game.

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Well it seems like that mysterious press event Sony had scheduled for the day after the VGAs was to show the press what Uncharted 3 is all about. Now that the embargo has been lifted, game previews are springing up all across the Internet. Unfortunately, our Spike VGA experience was from our couch (although we did have some awesome nachos). 

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I don't get around to watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon a lot, but I do like the guy. The thing I like most about him is that he's a gamer and he gives games the time they deserve. Last night, he had Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra from Naughty Dog on to show off the first ever gameplay footage from Uncharted 3

The gameplay shows Nathan and Sully escaping from a burning abandoned mansion. It's really hard to tell the quality of the graphics from the low res video (thanks NBC), but I'm sure they look great, I think... It is Uncharted, after all. The gameplay looks like its going to incorporate the same amount of gunplay as Uncharted 2, which isn't the games' strong point. However, they are adding more hand to hand combat and take down options that might let players avoid the gunplay (here's hoping).

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Naughty Dog's full reveal of Uncharted 3 showed off more than most of us expected it to, with gameplay footage showing rooftop to rooftop action, new water mechanics, and even a release date of 11-01-11.

Drake looks more or less like his usual self, and Sully is just as Tom Selleck-like as always. The game centers around a fabled lost Arabian city filled with treasures. My guess is that Drake isn't the only one after it, and that his opposition owns a small army. Keep on reading to see the full trailer for yourself.

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It seems that Naughty Dog just can't wait for the Spike VGAs this Saturday. After Entertainment Weekly spilled the beans on Uncharted 3 earlier today, Naughty Dog themselves have now put out a press release giving us all the juicy details. 

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Just a few short days before the VGA reveal, Entertainment Weekly has gone ahead and spilled the beans: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is a thing that is happening.

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Anybody excited over the new Uncharted movie? well, you probably shouldn't be. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the director David O Russell is looking to make the movie about Nathan and his extended family, who are international art collectors.

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So the Uncharted movie is currently being written out. No surprise there. Hell, even the fact that Mark Wahlberg is playing Nathan Drake, while not my first choice, is tolerable. It's the other potential roles that make me shudder.

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Kotaku is reporting that Sony may use the Spike TV Video Game Commercial Awards to announce the next Uncharted title. This announcement is said to be a short teaser just to wet our appetite for the full reveal at Sony's Exclusive Reveal Event. 

While not many other details have been given, it is also rumored that select press (no not us so don't ask) have already had the opportunity to see Naughty Dogs' automatic perfect score game. 

I enjoyed Uncharted 2 very much, but I really hope Naughty Dog goes back to their roots and not try to make Uncharted 3 a shooter like they did with Uncharted 2.

Sony Has 'Exclusive PlayStation 3 Reveal' The Day After Spike VGAs (Kotaku)

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