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Is Snake trying to avoid us? Recently a "playable" version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for the Nintendo 3DS showed up at E3. However, reports from have said that it was not up to par with what a Kojima game should be. This is most likely the reason behind Konami's recent announcement of pushing the remake back until 2012. Unfortunately, there is no specific date for release yet.

One can take this in the positive light though. Konami did not say anything else about the port. It will definitely allow for more development time to perfect the port and perhaps some more extras for the fans! Granted it there still needs to be more 3DS system sales, so Konami could be using this as a more time for the system to sell before they release the game. That and hopefully Starfox 3DS will hold us over until we have more information.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3DS Port Delayed: (

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When one thinks about video games, we often look towards the future. After playing the first God of War, we wondered, "what's next for Kratos?" After defeating the Covenant in Halo: Combat Evolved, we imagined what adventures Master Chief would move on to next. Sequels are what make a game become more than just something fun to play. Sequels give life to a storyline. They create a series of new characters, returning old characters, new abilities, a new enemy, and even sometimes a new protagonist.

Well, here I honor 10 games who are in dire need of a sequel. Some to further the already amazing story, and some to fill in the cliffhanger ending of their first and only game. Do you agree with any of them? Read on and see what sequels I am hopeful for in the near future.

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According to high level sources at Crytek, Microsoft will be announcing the successor to the Xbox 360 sometime within the next 12 months,though most likely at E3 2012. The new system, which they say is far from the final specs, is designed around DirectX 11, the awesome tech that brought us Epic's Unreal Someritan demo back at GDC. Why did someone at Crytek leak this info? Well, that's the best part (for the Glitchy Tasty crew anyways)! Crytek is hard at work on TimeSplitters 4, which is set to be a flagship launch title for the next Xbox. 

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One of the biggest draws to the Wii U isn't just the console's graphical power, but how it can be used especially for some of Nintendo's best franchises. While Nintendo hasn't officially announced a new Zelda game for the Wii U, they did use their star errand boy to show off the capabilities and possible features of the system.

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On the first day of E3 2011, Nintendo stole the show with the announcement of the Wii U. We had a chance to see what the capabilities of this new console where firsthand. The Japanese Garden Tech Demo really shows that this console is capable of amazing visuals beyond what is available with the current generation. It's good to see Nintendo back in the graphics business.

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At Nintendo's press conference, Nintendo revealed a release date from Starfox 64 3D. The game seems to be going for a September release. Along with the release date, they revealed a little bit about the multiplayer. The 4 player deathmatch that was original with Starfox 64 is back, but this time your face will be in the game! While you fly around and try to kill each other, the 3DS camera will be tracking your face as you get shot down or are the one doing the murdering. It's a pretty funny feature. Be sure to check throughout the summer to hear more about this title.

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At Nintendo's press conference, Luigi's Mansion 2 was revealed for the Nintendo 3DS. Reggie told everyone that this game was in no way just a port of the Gamecube version. This time, Luigi will have to go through multiple mansions instead of one. From what it seems, his vacuum is back along with the weird colored ghosts that aren't Boos. We will let you know more about this game in the coming months. Be sure to check back here for more news on this title.

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At the end of Nintendo's press conference there was a bunch of games that were on the screen. Two of these titles happened to be Kirby games. The first one we have seen is called called Kirby Wii for now and the other called Kirby Mass Attack which will be coming out for the Nintendo DS. Checked back at for more info on these two games in the coming months.

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Well at the Nintendo press conference this year at E3, Nintendo had a huge announcement to tell the viewers. They indeed are working on the next generation console, and its called the Wii U. This console is HD and they plan to change the way you play videogames through typical Nintendo innovation, without making the Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto crowd complain in the processs.

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At Nintendo's press conference at E3, Nintendo pretty much teased every Nintendo fan out there with a new Zelda game for their new home console called Wii U. With the tiny footage they showed, you got to see a Link fighting a monster with HD visuals. You heard me right my friends, HD visuals. Stay tuned to for more news on this title in the coming months as I'm sure your interested in hearing more.

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