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When one thinks about video games, we often look towards the future. After playing the first God of War, we wondered, "what's next for Kratos?" After defeating the Covenant in Halo: Combat Evolved, we imagined what adventures Master Chief would move on to next. Sequels are what make a game become more than just something fun to play. Sequels give life to a storyline. They create a series of new characters, returning old characters, new abilities, a new enemy, and even sometimes a new protagonist.

Well, here I honor 10 games who are in dire need of a sequel. Some to further the already amazing story, and some to fill in the cliffhanger ending of their first and only game. Do you agree with any of them? Read on and see what sequels I am hopeful for in the near future.

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According to high level sources at Crytek, Microsoft will be announcing the successor to the Xbox 360 sometime within the next 12 months,though most likely at E3 2012. The new system, which they say is far from the final specs, is designed around DirectX 11, the awesome tech that brought us Epic's Unreal Someritan demo back at GDC. Why did someone at Crytek leak this info? Well, that's the best part (for the Glitchy Tasty crew anyways)! Crytek is hard at work on TimeSplitters 4, which is set to be a flagship launch title for the next Xbox. 

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Now that E3 has come and gone, I would like to give my thoughts on a few of the sports titles on display. But first, some interesting facts on E3 and Glitchy Tasty. For starters, everytime a Glitchy Tasty staff member has been present at E3, a New England team has made it to the championships in their respective sport.

The Boston Celtics in 2010 (lost to the Lakers), and Boston Bruins this year. Even more odd is that when (managing editor and co-founder) Jayce Diaz went with a previous company he was with, the Boston Celtics went on the win the NBA Finals. Also, whenever Jayce has been at E3, an earthquake of 2.0 magnitude or higher has happened in the L.A. area (A 2.1 happened in Palmdale on Tuesday) however unless one happens before his flight tomorrow it will be the first time a 3.0 doesnt happen.

Well now that I have mentioned those interesting facts, I'm going to talk about my thoughts on the good and bad of sports titles at E3.

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On Monday, Sony opened up their press conference with what is always a crowd pleaser, Uncharted 3. Naughty Dog's Co-Presidents Even Wells and Christophe Balestra took the stage to show off a new demo of Uncharted 3.

Afterwards, they announced a multiplayer beta launching June 28th, and an exlusive deal though Subway Resturaunts to gain early acces to the full multiplayer component of the game.

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Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference

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Ok, so maybe not everyone has a mech, I don't know, but Sweet Tooth's vehicle does. One thing I am not excited for is different drivers in different cars. If I am Sweet Tooth, but not in an ice cream truck.. then it makes no sense. But I guess I could just NOT change my car. I am a die hard Mr. Grimm fan (as my username/gamertag will attest to) and so if I am Grimm, I am on a motorcycle. That and in Twisted Metal 2 I am extremely good with him. But this time around Twisted Metal has three huge boss battles, tons of online modes, co-op over PSN (providing it doesn't get hacked again), tons of your favorite cars/characters from the older games, and everything you could ever want in the best car combat franchise ever. I'll definitely be picking this game up when it comes out in November.

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Almost a month and a half after jerk-faced hackers hacked Sony's PlayStation Commodore 64 state-of-the-art online servers and forced it to shut down, it has finally returned. As far as I can tell, it's pretty much just as we left it only with new stuff to buy. In a press release, Sony stated that the details for the "Welcome Back Package" will be announced in each region soon. 

If you've been dying to download yourself some DLC or PSN titles and still trust you're credit card to Sony, then have at it!

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Sony has had a hell of a time over the last few weeks. Hackers have ravaged their online network to shambles. Fans were left in the dark. Personal data was compromised, and even developers felt the pain of a PSN-less world. To make matters worse, Sony was dealt blow after blow with password reset exploits, yet another compromise with Sony Online Entertainment, and entire governments demanding answers for it all. Countering this negativity, Sony announced that it will be remastering some classic PSP games for the PS3.

But guys, what about the other big Sony news? What about the NGP?

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There is no argument that the PSP was home to a decent library of underdog titles and amazing gameplay experiences. There is also no argument in saying that the PSP is a sinking ship.

That said, Sony has saw fit to rescue some of the booty from their plummeting portable vessel, and transfer it over to the PS3. Called the PlayStation Portable Remaster Series, a select list of PSP games will get an HD face-lift before crossing over to the land of stationary consoles.

First on the list: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

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(Update) The PSN is officially back online in the United States. PlayStation.Blog has a handy map to let you know the status.

Well it only took 24 days, but it looks like the PlayStation will finally be doing "Online" soon enough. Sony has officially announced through a Riiiiidddggge Racerless Kazuo Hirai video that they will begin restoring service tonight.

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