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One of the biggest announcements at Microsoft's press conference yesterday was Halo 4, as well as the fact that this marked the beginning of a whole new trilogy for Master Chief. While we don't know much, we do know that I WANT IT NOW. Unfortunately for me and Halo fans everywhere, we have to wait until Holiday 2012. To hold us over, here is the historic (cause yesterday is now history) announcement trailer. 

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Shortly after the flood of Modern Warfare 3 info that leaked onto the web, Activision officially responded by releasing four "official" teaser trailers. One teaser for each of the major set points in the story; America, England, France, and Germany. My guess is that these countries where chosen solely for their ability to have the e's replaced with a 3. Either way, these teasers are pretty epic and give us a small glimpse of what we can expect in MW3. If a glimpse won't cut it, then check out the massive info leak. Watch the trailers after the break.

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A lot of people, myself included, were very excited about the about the announcement that Prey 2 was being revitalized by Bethesda and is actually coming out. Then, Bethesda struck down our hopes by showing us an overly edgey picture of the main character. One Destructoid user even called it "Call of Duty: Vagina Portals", which makes sense.

Well, now Bethesda has released a new live action teaser trailer for Prey 2 that gives us some hope. It's crazy alien abduction at its best... with an airplane. Hit the jump to watch the teaser, courtesy of Bethesda's YouTube page.

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Spike TV will soon host their annual commerical Video Game Awards Show, which over the past few years has become a valuable source for developers and publishers to announce their latest secret project. The above video is merely a small clip from Biowares next adventure, which many believe to be a new entry in the Mass Effect series.

But things are very, VERY weird.

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