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Infinity Blade is already the fastest grossing App in the App Store history making 1.6 million in ten days, and it looks like ChAIR Entertainment plans on keeping that growth going. They plan to release a free update next week which will add in five new weapons, five new shields, five new helmets, and a nice shiny new set of armor which will raise the level cap to 45. All this and a new enemy called "Marrow Fiend". No word yet if he eats your bone marrow.

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Gearbox has released a new update for Borderlands today, which addresses a good number of issues and features.

For starters, the level cap has been raised up to 69 (for general Knox DLC owners), and 58 for the DLC-less players. Also, a few glitches found in the Claptrap DLC have been ironed out, and enemies now scale to the player's level more accurately.

The update cost a whopping 0 doll hairs, so I'd say throw in your game right now and get it.

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The new, slightly more stylized Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update is now live. Players who turn on their consoles (and who are connected to the internet) will be greeted with a slightly-longer-than-usual system update that enables Kinect use, fills out Avatars more correctly, and gives Netflix the long-awaited search feature.

As a beta dashboard user for the last month, I have mostly positive feelings for the new look. However, I noticed more than a few Avatar awards no longer worked, and the background image for Netflix is incredibly ugly. Still it all works well, and I'll be glad to stop getting so many beta updates every week.

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Sony announced proudly on their Official Playstation blog this morning that users will soon be able to use the popular rental service Netflix, without ever having to insert a disc.

Starting next week, Netflix will be available to download from the Playstation Network, and will integrate itself into the XMB. It's native PS3 design will allow full controller support, making navigation much, much easier.

Continue reading to see the video Sony released on the new design.

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