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Ahoy loyal readers! Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been out for some time now, and I have risked my time playing through the main story and most of the side quests. Yes... you read that right! Side quests have made their return!

Could it be...? An interesting story, too!? In order to find out all the good and bad points of this direct sequel, (the fourth for the franchise if you count FFIV: After Years, FFX-2, and FFXII: Revenant Wings), press forward and read to your hearts' content!

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Like Mech games? Do names like Gundam, Mech Warrior, or even the upcoming Hawken get your gears moving? Sick, dude.

Anyway, our own Ryan Farrenkopf went ahead and made this awesome video containing clips from over 13 different mech games, to the tunes of Noisia's Machine Gun (16-bit remix).

Check it out and let us know what you think!


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Since the release of the first trailer for the now-canceled game Capcom Fighting All-Stars, Poison has been one of those characters that Capcom fighting fans have been pretty much begging to have put in a fighting game since.

But why?

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If you've been following gaming recently, you probably noticed that EA's classic SSX has made its proper return. Players get to play as an older Elise, Mac, and Moby ( As well as some new faces) to take down the the young boarder Griff, who's looking for some revenge on the SSX crew for treating him like crap during the events of SSX3 and onward.

The question is this: Should EA expand the SSX universe?

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Ninjas hold a very respectable place within the video game industry. The mysterious lore, the awesome weaponry, and the big demonic foes that typically reside within their universe make ninjas a staple for game design. But for every great shuriken slinger and wall runner, there is a useless shadow stumbler just itching to be forgotten by time.

So I went ahead and gathered a list of 10 awesome video game ninjas, and their not-so-awesome counterparts.

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Last month at E3, Irrational Games and 2K completely blew us all away with the behind-closed-doors presentation of Bioshock Infinite (read our impressions here). Everything in the game, from the amazing art style to the unbelievably scary Songbird character, just left everyone with their jaws unhinged.

Now, you too can become snakelike in amazement! on GTTV last night, Ken Levine revealed the demo to the public for the first time. Of course, Gametrailers eventually put it up on their site, and of course, we've embedded it here. Read on to watch the wondrous BioShock Infinite E3 2011 demonstration.

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When one thinks about video games, we often look towards the future. After playing the first God of War, we wondered, "what's next for Kratos?" After defeating the Covenant in Halo: Combat Evolved, we imagined what adventures Master Chief would move on to next. Sequels are what make a game become more than just something fun to play. Sequels give life to a storyline. They create a series of new characters, returning old characters, new abilities, a new enemy, and even sometimes a new protagonist.

Well, here I honor 10 games who are in dire need of a sequel. Some to further the already amazing story, and some to fill in the cliffhanger ending of their first and only game. Do you agree with any of them? Read on and see what sequels I am hopeful for in the near future.

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Hello everyone in Glitchy Tasty land. This is your 2011 World Champion Manny, and it's that time of year again. Is it time for me to take a bath? No, not yet.

It's summertime, so that means it's time for an EA basketball game not to come out. Have no fear, however, because I will be doing what I do best: I will make things up.

So sit back and enjoy this article as I make up a review for NBA Elite 12, Glitchy Tasty style.

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Hello, everyone in Glitchy Tasty Land. This is The State of Rhode Island and Manny Plantation, and I am angry. Who am I angry at? Jayce!

In fact, I hate him! Why? Well, about 2 weeks ago I called him and asked for a game to review. He recommended the game Deadly Premonition.

This game is horrible!

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Despite being about nine months away from launch, I still have a hard time coming up with things to say about Mass Effect 3. It’s reached such a high level of anticipation, such a high quantity of pure WANT, that I simply cannot prepare any reader or audience with a preface that does more than simply repeat just how incredible this game looks.

However, I can prepare the reader by saying that the demonstration at this year’s E3 was so utterly fantastic, so incredibly epic, that they should expect a truly emotional experience when the game falls in their hands come March. Mass Effect 3 is going to show what is at stake, and just how much is already lost at the hands of the Reapers. This is the fight for your very existence, and it’s going to hurt.

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