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Jimmy Fallon Gets To Play Uncharted 3

Video - Gameplay

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I don't get around to watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon a lot, but I do like the guy. The thing I like most about him is that he's a gamer and he gives games the time they deserve. Last night, he had Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra from Naughty Dog on to show off the first ever gameplay footage from Uncharted 3

The gameplay shows Nathan and Sully escaping from a burning abandoned mansion. It's really hard to tell the quality of the graphics from the low res video (thanks NBC), but I'm sure they look great, I think... It is Uncharted, after all. The gameplay looks like its going to incorporate the same amount of gunplay as Uncharted 2, which isn't the games' strong point. However, they are adding more hand to hand combat and take down options that might let players avoid the gunplay (here's hoping).


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