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Home Videos Gameplay Dead Space 2 Unlockable Lets You Act Five Again

Dead Space 2 Unlockable Lets You Act Five Again

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Some games like to reward the players for beating them on their highest difficulty. Sometimes however, these rewards kinda suck. This is not the Case with Dead Space 2

As reported on by every other gaming site our there, if you manage to beat Dead Space 2 on Hardcore Mode (which only allows you to save three times, among other difficulty curves) then the game rewards you with a weapon so powerful, so awe-inspiring, that only a child could have dreamed it.

This weapon is none other than "The Hand Cannon", a giant foam finger with a primary fire of "Bang Bang", and a secondary fire of "Pew Pew Pew". The necromorphs will tremble in fear as you live out your childhood fantasies.

This video shows what we are talking about. 

Thanks to HuskyHog for finding it and providing the video.

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