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Homefront Multiplayer Trailer

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Back at E3 in June, I was pleasently surprised by the game Homefront from Kaos Studios and THQ. Since then, we haven't heard any new info on the game. However, the folks at GameTrailers have gained access to an exclusive trailer that gives us a first look at the games multiplayer, which will feature 16 versus 16 player battles to retake suburban America.

Other than some jerky movement (which hopefully gets polished up) the game looks really impressive, not to mention epic. 

Below is the GameTrailers exclusive Homefront multiplayer trailer


Also, Wolverines!

Comments (2)
  • bill  - Red Dawn rules!

    I know that picture's from Red Dawn, isn't it? Where's that video game? It'd be awesome!

  • Rankopfpro  - Yes Red Dawn does rule!

    The game Homefront is bout North Korea becoming a huge super power and invading the U.S. in the 2020's. I think the game looks amazing, plus the story is written by the same guy who wrote the screenplay for Red Dawn. So here's hoping.

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