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Homefront Developer Diary: Large Scale Warfare

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THQ and Kaos Studios have released the second Homefont developer diary. This time, the focus is on Homefront's multiplayer. The multiplayer takes place two years before the main story during the occupations war, meaning more toys to play with.

Whats clear from the dev diary is that Kaos Studios is trying to differentiate Homefront's multiplayer from other FPS, and it looks like they may pull it off. The multiplayer will focus on large scale battles of 16 vs 16 and will include a ton of vehicles. 

In the video they talk about a game type called "Ground Control"; the objective is similar to territories/domination in other FPS, but where it differs is that once you've captured the territories newer areas of the map open up. You won't be repetitively fighting over the same areas like in other FPS. This hopefully will keep the maps feeling fresh.

The other big point they hit on is the Battle Point system. You gain BP like how you would gain traditional XP but BP is used to let you purchase new equipment in match. You can buy drones, tanks, and helicopters, all from gaining BP in the match. It's a nice break from the Killstreak system of Call of Duty because you aren't stuck with the same perk. Not to mention you get to pilot the vehicles, which is something many FPS's shy away from.

Homefront will be released on March 8th, 2010 in North America for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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