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Telltale's Back To The Future Game Gets a Trailer

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Telltale Games has finally released a trailer for the first episode of their Back to the Future series. Unfortunately, they did it through Gametrailers, nothing personal against Gametrailers, its just that their embed code sucks. So click read more for more info and to see the trailer.

The teaser gives us a little bit of insight into the game. Basically, Doc has been missing for a few months when the DeLorean appears for Marty, who must then travel back to June 13th,1931 (according to the time circuits) to rescue Doc who looks like he's in Jail.

Episode 1 - It's About Time will be out this month for PC, Mac, PS3, and iPad.

Exclusive Debut Trailer HD (Gametrailers)

Comments (2)
  • GrimmTrixX

    im very excited at this... but.... at the end of BttF3.... the Delorean was destroyed and Doc had a time traveling Train... also a wife and 2 kids.... SO are we to assume this game takes place in an alternate timeline where BttF3 never happens? cuz the Trilogy is like 1 long movie... i figured their story would involve the time traveling train at this point... hmm we shall see if they mention it at all. lol

  • Rankopfpro

    I was thinking the same thing, I hope they acknowledge that ending and just explain it. Remember since Time is not linear (in the series) you could be rescuing Doc before he had his kids. But we'll just have to wait and find out.

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